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How We Help Our Community

ChandlerSpeaks is a Non-Profit organization focusing on speech development needs of school-aged children. Our mission is to provide speech pathology language services to financially disadvantaged youth.

ChandlerSpeaks sincerely appreciates all individuals and businesses who have donated time and financial resources to children in need of speech language pathology services.

Read on to see what some of our recipients say.

Testimonials From Recipients of ChandlerSpeaks:

“Before receiving assistance through ChandlerSpeaks, our family had to face the hard reality of either spending beyond our means or limiting the care our child needed to develop and learn effectively. The generosity of ChandlerSpeaks has provided our family with the freedom to seek the best care for our son, without worrying about how we would afford it. Because of ChandlerSpeaks, our son has been able to continue in steady private speech therapy and the results have been tremendous. He can communicate with us in ways that we were unsure he would ever be able to. I have no doubt that our child’s development is in a better place because of the kindness of ChandlerSpeaks.”

“Our 8-year-old boy started therapy with Apraxia Dallas in January of 2022. He has improved so much! He has gone from hardly being understood to being able to carry on a conversation with others, including kids his age. Yes, there is still a way to go but he has been improving with every session and is starting to carry things over that he learns in therapy into day-to-day life. I am so grateful for Chanler Speaks and what it is doing for our little man who is becoming more confident because he is slowly finding his voice.“

“Around the age of two, I noticed something wrong with my son and his speech. After extensive research and many recommendations, I was able to get him tested only to find out he has Apraxia of speech. My heart broke knowing my son had this mountain to climb at such an early age. There was frustration from him as well, as us, as his parents were not able to communicate properly with him, which led to many tears. After our initial evaluation we jumped right into therapy, and it has been an amazing experience to watch my son grow not only with his speech, but with his confidence. He goes faithfully each week, excels in everything his speech therapists throw his way, and has a big smile knowing he is doing great!

Being a recipient of ChandlerSpeaks has given my family so much hope in knowing that my son will continue to grow and develop as he should. What a blessing it has been to all who have helped my son become the best version of himself. From our family to yours, we say THANK YOU!!!”

“We currently have two children being funded by ChandlerSpeaks. They have both been in speech therapy since the age of 18 months old, both need speech therapy multiple times a week and are both also partaking of services via the school setting as well.

The biggest difference ChandlerSpeaks has provided for our family is as follows:
1.) The ability to provide needed services our public school cannot or will not provide… which means our children are able to make additional progress they could not make without additional services.
2.) My husband and I have experienced a relief of stress knowing how we are going to provide a service our child needs that we could not completely afford.
3.) My husband and I have been encouraged that we are not doing this VERY difficult journey alone, but there are a team of people, somewhere, who believe in our children and are willing to partner with us to help them succeed.”

The testimonials above have been provided by recipients of ChandlerSpeaks. These families wish to remain anonymous.