Change children's lives with the gift of speech therapy.

Help ChandlerSpeaks raise $30,000 by the end of 2023!

ChandlerSpeaks launches CS30K Campaign for the remainder of 2023!

ChandlerSpeaks’ mission is to provide speech pathology services to financially disadvantaged youth. Due to geographical constraints, “financially disadvantaged” has a broader geographical footprint. In smaller communities throughout the state of Texas, therapy resources are not available for younger children. Using the CS30K Campaign, we aim to provide support for not only financially disadvantaged youth, but also those who do not have direct access to one-on-one speech therapy. Please help us reach this goal by December 31, 2023!

Donations $20,027
Goal $30,000

ChandlerSpeaks first extended giving campaign aims to raise $30,000 by December 31, 2023! The $30,000 will allow ChandlerSpeaks to provide speech language pathology services to an additional four children. This six-month campaign will raise monies through on-line donations, corporate donors, sponsored events and family foundations! You can help us reach our goal by making an online donation or spreading the word to your personal and professional network! Donate using the form below and consider helping ChandlerSpeaks expand its donor universe! Our success is based upon your help and generosity!

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