About Us


Our mission is to provide speech pathology language services to financially disadvantaged youth.

How We Help

What Makes Us Different


ChandlerSpeaks is based in the local DFW community and we are partnered with local DFW speech pathology clinics. By providing these services, the children will be provided with the best resources possible to develop speech and communication skills which will directly impact the community and improve their lives.


Speech development needs are challenging. Every child is different. The knowledge required to identify and treat speech development is highly specialized. By providing the necessary financial resources, ChandlerSpeaks will assist in disseminating knowledge to families and communities, which will lead to the betterment of local children’s well-being.


Speech development is a long-term process. Depending on the needs of the child, the therapy program can take years. By providing financial resources, ChandlerSpeaks will enable the child to identify a long-term speech pathologist and clinic, which will provide the necessary emotional and structure support assist the child and family during this journey.

Who We Help

Who We Help

Children that need private speech therapy within the local DFW community.

What We Do

What We Do

Provide the financial resources for the child and family to obtain private speech therapy.
Where We Work

Where We Work

ChandlerSpeaks works within the local DFW community. Through our screened and selected pathology clinics, we provide the clinic and child with the financial needs necessary to administer private speech therapy services.

How Can You Help

Become a Sponsor

Each child should be given the opportunity to address speech development needs. You can assist by sponsoring the hourly cost of speech therapy services for an individual child. Whether the donation is a flat amount, one session, or an annual program, every dollar matters.